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Mold Remediation – What Is It Anyway?

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If you’ve just recently discovered black mold expanding in your home, you may find yourself spending some evenings looking at the ceiling instead of sleeping. Your mind is probably racing and you’ll find yourself asking questions such as “What does this mean for my home’s value?”, “How will it influence my family’s health?”, “Will it cost an absolute fortune to get rid of this mold?”, etc.

So this begs the question, how do you get rid of this unsightly and unhealthy mold? The simplest and most effective way to do this is to call a mold remediation company to take care of this task.

Mold Remediation


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So what is mold remediation, anyway? Mold Remediation is simply a professional term for the removal of mold. It involves a group
of professionals assessing the extent of the mold problem, removing the mold and replacing any structural product the mold could have damaged, while at the same time.seeking out the source of the problem and repairing it so the mold doesn’t return.Once you discover that you have mold in your home or office you cannot waste time in getting rid of it, because mold spores have a tendency to spread very quickly. Not just across your walls, floors, ceiling and furnishings, but also onto people’s clothing and in the air where, if the room is not well ventilated, they can be inhaled causing health issues.

Simple Steps for Good Mold Remediation

Good mold remediation is a fairly simple four-step procedure:.

  1. The source of the problem needs to be determined. Mold remediation starts by finding out where the mold is, and exactly what created the moist conditions that allowed it to prosper. Whether the moisture has entered the house through ill-fitting windows, a cracked roof tile or a leak in the basement, the source needs to be repaired immediately, so the remediation work will be effective and won’t have to be repeated if excessive moisture finds it’s way into the house and causes more mold to grow.
  2. Your clean up team will then go ahead and make an effort to contain the spores by sealing off the affected location with sheets of plastic and tape. This will become a ‘no go’ area for you and your family while the remediation treatment is being carried out. In addition to stopping the spread of the mold, this spares you and your household the respiratory pain that comes with breathing in black mold spores.
  3. The mold remediation experts will then use high-pressure hoses to blast the mold out of the permeable surfaces to which it clings.
  4. Once all of the mold spores have been removed, any damage the mold has causes to carpets, furnishing, wood an concrete will need to be repaired, or even better….replaced! This includes any damage the mold itself has done to wood or concrete, in addition to the damage that enabled the mold to prosper in the first place.
  5. Finally it is important to waterproof your home as much as possible to prevent the mold from growing back again. Any damaged plumbing will need to be repaired, broken roof tiles replaces, and damaged window frames repaired or replaced.

Don’t take chances with your family’s health, and at the first sign of mold call your local mold remediation company to come over to inspected the suspect areas in your home.


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